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Extra Curricular Clubs

At Blakeley, we are very proud at the range of extra curricular clubs we provide for our pupils- most of them are free of charge.

Here is a list of the extra curricular clubs running during the Summer term. All clubs start the week beginning 8th April. All of the after school clubs finish at 4.30pm and children will be dismissed at the front door. 

Day Club

Yr 6 Boosters -finish at 4.15pm

Musical Theatre for KS2

Opal Club- Yr 1-Yr 6

Cricket club for Yr 3/4

Yr 6 youth club- lunchtime


Tennis Yr 1-Yr 4

Girls’ cricket KS2

Yr 6 youth club- lunchtime


Dance club for reception and KS1

Chess club for KS2

Basketball for Yr 1,2,3

Cricket for Yr 5/6

Yr 6 youth club- lunchtime


Ultimate Frisbee KS2

Yr 5 Allotment club- lunchtime

Ball Skills Reception and KS1 

Yr 6 youth club- lunchtime