Curriculum & Assessment


The National Curriculum 2016 is taught at Blakeley Heath Primary School through a broad and creative curriculum which is split into six themes each year. Teachers ensure stimulating and exciting activities are planned to motivate our children and ensure they develop the skills for life-long learning.

Activities are designed and encouraged within our school to promote the intellectual, personal, social, emotional and physical development of our pupils. All pupils learn in mixed-ability classes and are taught in a variety of ways: individually, in groups or as a class. Expectations are high and the work is differentiated; we make learning active and visual, giving opportunities for discussion and reflection.


Assessment is a continuous feature of teaching and learning at Blakeley Heath. Teachers assess the progress children are making through the work they complete on a daily basis. Their marking is focused on helping the children to identify what they have done well in their work and how they could and improve their work further. Children are also taught the skills to make their own assessments of how well they, or their peers, have achieved.

Children are also assessed through tests at different points during the year which helps us to understand the gaps they may have in their knowledge. These different approaches to assessment allow us to make an overall judgement of whether children are working at the expected standard for their age. As a result of effective assessment, purposeful targets can be set for individuals and groups of children and, where necessary, additional support can be put in place.

Assessment information is shared regularly with parents.

Further information can be found in our Marking Policy and Assessment Policy.