Sports Premium

Sports Funding at Blakeley Heath Primary School 2016 – 2017

We use sports funding to develop and enhance the teaching of PE and Sports at Blakeley Heath. Our aim is to engage all children in sporting activity and to develop a healthy lifestyle for themselves.

At Blakeley Heath we have a long history of promoting PE and competitive sport and we are committed to providing the pupils with a wide range of opportunities to engage in sport and exercise. As a result of our actions last year, Blakeley Heath was awarded the Gold Active mark Award.

Action Impact
Sports coach employed to ensure the provision of high quality PE lessons for children across school. Consistency in the progression of children’s skills in PE. Development of the PE curriculum for all staff.
Sports coach employed to provide a wider range of sports clubs after school. More children will be able to have access to clubs covering a range of sports with the opportunity to be signposted onto further clubs.


Sports coach engaging a wider group of children in lunchtime activities. Children who are less motivated to participate in activities at lunchtime are encouraged to take part and develop skills.
Opportunities for children to participate in additional exercise classes using exercise equipment. Children are able to see an improvement in their own fitness levels.
Purchase of equipment to support the widening range of activities and clubs on offer to the children. Children’s engagement at playtime, lunchtimes and after school activities leading to a healthier lifestyle.
Training for staff to develop skills in teaching PE and ensure sustainability of high quality teaching across school. Sports coach to develop staff skills through whole school training, coaching and teaching alongside class teachers which will see improved practice.
Cover for PE subject leader to allow attendance at CPD and local network meetings to develop provision of competitions in the local area. PE subject leader is able to develop links and opportunities for PE and sport within school and the local community. Children are able to attend a wider range of competitions and more children can become involved with “B” team participation.
Additional swimming lessons for children in Years 4, 5 and 6 who cannot swim 25 metres. Children achieve their 25 metre award.