Weekly diary

Here you will find the weekly diary with all latest activities. 

Week commencing 16/4/2018        
Monday                      Choir – Y3-Y6 – Miss Lote & Miss Drew

Booster classes Y6

Tuesday                                                Dance Y1-Y6    3.30-4.30pm

Cricket Y3-Y4   3.30-4.30pm – Mrs Harkness

ICT Club Y3-Y6   3.30-4.30pm – Mrs Dorrington

Thursday                    ICT Club – current children to continue – 3.30-4.30pm – Mrs Dorrington

Gym – Y2-Y6   3.30-4.30pm

Football with Darryl   3.30-4.30pm  £3.00



Multi Sports Club   Rec-Y2    3.30-4.30pm – Mr Slade