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Reception enjoyed reading Mr. Wolf’s pancake, The Enormous Pancake and The Run Away Pancake! They retold the stories using small world props and puppets.

In maths they shared Mr Wolf’s pancakes equally with his friends.

Reception found out about Shrove Tuesday and why we eat pancakes.  Mrs Truby once again showed off her fabulous pancake flipping skills, she didn’t drop a single one! The children enjoyed decorating pancakes with a variety of toppings.

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Blood Heart

Following a very successful parent workshop on Wednesday where Yr 6 pupils ( and adults) got to learn about the structure of a heart by dissecting a pig’s heart, the children used this knowledge in their art lesson.  They used their sculpting skills to create these amazing 3D images of human hearts complete with vein and arteries.

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Ancient Egypt

After a week in the sun, Yr 5’s canopic jars have finally set!
Over the course of the last half term, we have been learning all about life in Ancient Egypt, the Pharaohs and the Anicent Egyptian gods. As well as all this jam-packed learning, we travelled with Howard Carter to uncover the wonders of King Tutankhamun’s tomb!

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