Our Staff


Please see the list of our our teaching and support staff below.

Headteacher Miss L Richards
Deputy Head/Year 6 6HW Mrs S Hood
 Nursery Mrs R Cotterill SLT, Early Years
Mrs S Lloyd Teaching Assistant
Miss S Rogerson Teaching Assistant
Ms S. Whittle Teaching Assistant
Reception – RB Mr S Bowman
Mrs V Cooper Teaching Assistant
Reception – RW Mrs N Westwood
Mrs E Smith Teaching Assistant
Year 1 – 1BK Mrs L Baldwin/Mrs S Kendrick
Year 1 – 1L Miss A Lote Forest Schools
Mrs M Owen Teaching Assistant Yr1/2
Mrs A Lovell Inclusion Support Various
Year 2 – 2YL Mrs V Yarnall Lucas
Year 2 – 2JT Mrs S Jones/ Mrs C Tong Art/SENCO
Mrs V Yarnall-Lucas
Mrs T Davies   Teaching Assistant Yr 2
Miss N Bloxwich Teching Assistant Yr2/3
Mrs G Cartwright Teaching Assistant Yr 2/3
Miss C Mason Teaching Assistant Yr2/3
Year 3 – 3G Miss G Parsons
Year 3 – 3P Miss A Postins
Mrs J Evans Teaching Assistant Yr 3
Year 4 – 4D Mr L Davies
Year 4 – 4W Miss K Williams
Miss E Harkness Teaching Assistant Yr 4
Mrs J Brabazon Teaching Assistant Yr 4
Year 5 – 5B Miss H Browne
Year 5 – 5P Mrs P Packingham
Mrs K Brach Teaching Assistant
Year 6 -6G Miss F Gilbert English
Year 6 -6HW Mrs S Hood/Miss E Whitehouse
Mrs J Horton Teaching Assistant Yr 6
Mrs C Dorrington HLTA  Yr 6
Mrs D Orton Teaching Assistant Various
Mrs K Harkness Inclusion Support Various
Mrs N Kowolik Inclusion Support Various
Mrs S Harkness HLTA
Mrs R Hudson HLTA
Mrs S Jones Bursar
Mrs T Whitehouse Office Manager
Mrs C Yates Senior Supervisor
Miss J Owen Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs L Crowther Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Loveday Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Hill Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Day Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss L Fiddler Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs J Causer Lunchtime Supervisor
Miss j Flavell Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs W Hawkins Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs T Bagley Lunchtime Supervisor
Mrs S Lloyd Before/After School Club
Mrs W Hawkins Before/After School Club
Mrs J Horton Before/After School Club
Mrs S Hill Before/After School Club
Miss E Harkness Before/After School Club
Mrs D Orton Before/After School Club
Miss N Bloxwich Before/After School Club
Miss L Fiddler Cleaner
Mrs C Yates Cleaner
Mrs L Marson Cleaner
Mrs S Martin Cleaner
Mr S Clayton Caretaker
Mrs S Harkness Janitor