Our Staff


Please see the list of our our teaching and support staff below.


Headteacher Mrs Emma Lote
Deputy Headteacher Miss Laura Richards SENCO
Nursery Miss Jatinder Soand
Mr Dan Whiley Apprentice
Reception – RR Mrs Rachel Cotterill            Phase Leader-EYFS Phonics/Nursery
 Reception – RL Miss Abbie Lote
Mrs Libby Smith Teaching Assistant
Year 1 – 1L Mrs Vicky Yarnall- Lucas RE
Year 1 – 1JW Mrs Sarah Jones Art
Year1 – 1JW Miss Emma Whitehouse
Mrs Jan Evans Teaching Assistant
Year 2 – 2W Mrs Nicky Westwood           Phase Lead KS1 Literacy
Year 2 – 2W Miss Laura Richards
Mrs Tina Davies Teaching Assistant
Year 3 – 3T Mrs Charlotte Tong
Miss Sarah Lloyd
Year 3  – 3D Miss Molly Drew
Mrs Kay Brach Teaching Assistant
Year 4  – 4W Mr Adam Wheeler Curriculum/Music
Mrs Julie Horton Teaching Assistant
Year 5 – 5BN Mrs Louise Baldwin PE
 Year 5 – 5BN Mrs Kate Nicholls
Mrs Karen Allsopp
Year 6 – 6H Mrs Sam Hood                     Phase Leader KS2 Maths/PSHE/Computing
 Year 6 – 6A Miss Beccie Adams
Mrs Beccie Hudson HLTA/Teaching Assistant
Mrs Christine Dorrington HLTA
 Mrs Sue Harkness HLTA/Yr 1
Administration Mrs Sarah Jones
Mrs Tracy Whitehouse
Caretaker Mr Lee Hudson
Blakeley Bears Mrs Sarah Lloyd
Mrs Wendy Hawkins
Mrs Yvonne Hubball
Mrs Sharon Hill
Mrs Julie Horton
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Carol Yates Senior Supervisor
Mrs Wendy Hawkins
Mrs Sharon Hill
Mrs Judy Causer
Mrs Tina Derry
Mrs Lynn Crowther
Mrs Sue Wycherley
Mrs Vicky Massey
Mrs Sue Sneyd