Our Staff


Please see the list of our our teaching and support staff below.



Headteacher Miss L Richards
Deputy Head/Year 6 6HN Mrs S Hood
 Nursery Mrs S Lloyd
Miss A Cole
Mr A Carrier
Mrs C Sudgen
 Reception – RR Mrs R Cotterill  Early Years/Phonics
Reception – RT Mrs L Tipper
Mrs E Smith Teaching Assistant
Miss C Mason Early Years TA
Year 1 – 1P Miss A Postins
Mrs M Owen Inclusion support
Mrs G Cartwright Teaching assistant
Year 1 – 1JK Mrs S Jones
Year 1 – 1JK Mrs S Kendrick
Mrs T Davies Teaching Assistant 
Year 2 – 2D Miss M Drew
Mrs V Cooper Teaching Assistant
Year 2 – 2L Mrs V Yarnall Lucas
Mrs K Brach Teaching Assistant
Year 3 – 3L Miss A Lote
Year 3 – 3W Mrs N Westwood
Mrs K Brock

Mrs D Orton

Teaching Assistant
Year 4 – 4BW Mrs L Baldwin
Year 4 – 4BW Miss E Whitehouse
Year 5 – 5BT Miss H Browne Curriculum Lead/EVC
 Year 5 – 5BT Mrs C Tong SENCO
Year 5 – 5W Mr A Wheeler
Mrs J Evans

Miss E Harkness

Mrs J Brabazon

Teaching Assistant
Year 6 – 6HN Mrs K Nicholls
Year 6 – 6G Miss F Gilbert
Mrs J Horton Teaching Assistant
 Mrs C Dorrington HLTA
 Mrs S Harkness HLTA
Mrs R Hudson HLTA/Teaching Assistant
Administration Mrs Sarah Jones  Bursar
Mrs Tracy Whitehouse  Office Manager
Caretaker Mr Lee Hudson
Blakeley Bears Mrs Sarah Lloyd
Mrs Wendy Hawkins
Mrs Yvonne Hubball
Mrs Sharon Hill
Mrs Julie Horton
 Mrs Tina Davies
Lunchtime Supervisors Mrs Carol Yates Senior Supervisor
Mrs Wendy Hawkins
Mrs Sharon Hill
Miss M Millard
Mrs Tina Derry
Mrs Lynn Crowther
Mrs Sue Wycherley
Miss Carrina Crooke
Miss Laura Fiddler
Cleaners Mrs Carol Yates
Mrs Lynn Crowther
Mrs Linda Marson
Mrs Stephanie Martin