Our Governors

Please see the list of our governors below.


Type Name Role Links to Pecuniary/
Material Interests
Appointed by
Co-opted Mr Paul Owen Chair Curriculum

Performance Management

 Husband of Mrs M Owen – TA

Paul Owen Ltd


Full governing body
Headteacher Miss Laura Richards Head Pupil Premium

Safeguarding  CLA

Staff Mrs Sue Harkness Mother of Miss E Harkness – TA – Mother in law to Mrs K Harkness Governor Staff/Governors
C0-opted Mrs Kerry Harkness Daughter in law of Mrs S Harkness – Governor – TA Governing body
Co-opted Mr Robert Pinion Nil Governing body
LEA Mrs Rebecca Powell Vice Chair School Breakfast Programme – DFE

Governor at Loxdale Primary School

Governing body/ Staffs CC
Co-opted Mr Neil Tong GDPR Husband of Mrs C Tong – Teacher Governing body
Co-opted Mr Tim Hucknall Teacher at Lawnswood Campus W’ton Governing body
C0-opted Mrs Sally Wilson Nil Governing body
C0-opted Mrs Laura McGee Governing body
C0-opted Mrs Laura Richardson Governing body



Name Term of office


End date
Mr P Owen (Chair) 1/7/2018 30/6/2022
Mrs S Wilson 1/06/2019 31/5/2023
Mrs L Richards Headteacher 1/09/2018
Mrs K Harkness 1/6/2019 31/5/2023
Mr N Tong 1/6/2018 31/5/2022
Mr T Hucknall 1/11/2018 31/10/2022
Mrs S Harkness 1/12/2018 30/11/2022
Mrs R Powell(Vice Chair) 1/06/2018         31/05/2022
Mr R Pinion 1/6/2019         31/05/2023
Mrs L Richardson 1/07/2021       30/06/2025
Mrs L. McGee 01/07/21       30/06/2025
Miss E Whitehouse (Assoc) 1/09/2018 31/08/2022
Mrs S Hood (Assoc) 29/4/2019 28/4/2023


Date: Autumn Spring Summer Autumn
19/10/2020 30/11/2020 1/3/2021 22/3/2021 24/5/2021 12/7/2021 09/09/2021
Mr Paul Owen x x x x x x
Mrs Rebecca Powell x x x x x
Miss Laura Richards x x x x x x
Mr Tim Hucknall x x x x x x
Mr Neil Tong x x x x x
Mrs Sue Harkness x x x x x x
Mrs Kerry Harkness x x x x x x
Mr Rob Pinion x x x x x x
Mrs Sally Wilson x x x x x x
Mrs Sam Hood (Associate) x x x x x x
Mrs Sarah Jones x x
Miss Emma Whitehouse (Associate) x x x x
Mrs Laura McGee x
Mrs Laura Richardson x