Our Governors

Please see the list of our governors below.


Type Name Role Links to Pecuniary/
Business Interests
LEA Mr Steve Cox Chair Curriculum

Performance Management

Headteacher Mrs Emma Lote Head Pupil Premium

Safeguarding  CLA

Ashwood Carpentry & Joinery
Co-opted Mr Paul Owen  Vice Nil
Staff Miss Laura Richards Deputy Maths, Safeguarding Nil
Parent Mrs Karen Walters Performance Management

Pupil Premium




Parent Mrs Lisa Beasley Literacy Nil
Co-opted Mrs Sue Harkness SEND

Health & Safety

Co-opted Mrs Amanda Slater-Morris Maths Nil
Co-opted Miss R Fletcher Nil
Co-opted Mr N Tong Nil
Co-opted Mrs Diana Beaumont Curriculum Nil
C0-opted Mrs Jody Cottis Health and Safety Nil


Name Committee Term of office


End date
Mr S Cox (Chairman) Resources and Curriculum 1/12/2014 1/12/2018
Mrs K Walters (Vice Chair) Resources 1/12/2014 1/12/2018
Mrs D Beaumont Curriculum 1/12/2014 1/12/2018
Mrs J Cottis Resources 1/4/2015 1/4/2019
Mr P Owen Resources and Curriculum 1/7/2016 1/7/2020
Mrs A Slater Morris Resources and Curriculum 1/12/2014 1/12/2018
Mrs L Beasley Curriculum 1/12/2014 1/12/2018
Mrs E Lote (Headteacher) Resources and Curriculum 7/9/2015
Mrs S Harkness Resources and Curriculum 1/12/2014 1/12/2018
Miss L Richards Curriculum 1/12/2014
Miss R Fletcher Resources 1/1/2018 1/1/2022
Mr N Tong Resources 19/3/2018 19/3/2022


Please click the link below to view governor attendance at meetings this academic year